How to get crayon off wood, comprehensive guide with tips and tricks

If you’ve already given up on the condition of your home, this article may remind you of what you’ve lost. But if you refuse to accept your fate and are still hoping to remove a pen, marker, or crayon wax from your furniture, read on.

We’ll dig into details on how to get crayon off wood surface and other places in your home. Tons of ways are to do so, starting with a clean magic eraser and up to special mixtures.

Perfect answers to how to get crayon off wood

While it may seem obvious, the first thing to do when cleaning crayon marks from furniture is to determine what type of furniture it is and what it is made of. Depending on the type of material, you may have to avoid certain types of cleaners.

Pro-tip: Always read the labels and check to see if the cleaner is suitable for the furniture.

Then determine what type of marks are there on the furniture. Is it ballpoint pen ink, another type of ink stain, or the usual crayon marks? Is it a permanent stain or a water-based stain? Is it a crayon mark?

How to get crayon off wood
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How to get crayon off wooden furniture

Once you have decided on the type of material, always start with crayon marks. This will prevent damage to the furniture. Don’t forget to test the cleaning solution on the spot to see if the upholstery or wood surface will be damaged by the cleaning.

Also, try using a little bit of cleaning solution at a time. If you use too much, it can cause even more damage.

What about crayon marks?

If the cleaning solution doesn’t harm the wood, use a household cleaner. Start wiping gently in a circular motion over the crayon stain. This works in most cases and works for almost anything, unless your furniture has a finely polished surface, as this can damage it.

Crayon marks can be a huge problem on every surface and especially on finished wood! But most household basic or acidic liquids (lemon oil, vinegar, liquid dish soap, etc.) will help to get rid of them.

Nail polish remover

If the stain doesn’t go away and is in a small area, we recommend using nail polish remover. Make sure that the crayon wax remover does not contain acetone, and then clean it off the skin. You can also apply nail conditioner after the wood has dried.

Other methods include applying a small amount of cleaner to a clean, slightly damp white cloth. Slowly apply the soft cloth or clean magic eraser to the crayon stain – don’t rub hard, as this will rub the ink deeper into the finished wood. Be careful and try not to transfer the ink from the cleaning soft cloth to another area of the furniture!

In most cases, the recommended cleaners are a few drops of vinegar, alcohol, lemon essential oil, or other slightly acidic or basic liquids. Other suggested mixtures consist of equal parts hot water, soap, dishwashing detergent, and glycerin soap.

How to get permanent markers off furniture?

For permanent markers, use anhydrous solutions, such as a few drops of rubbing alcohol or alcohol-free nail polish remover. Using the same procedure as above, you can gently remove permanent marker stains.

Care should be taken when using rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover on wooden furniture or wood floors, as they can remove varnish from the wood. In such cases, you can use regular toothpaste, some lemon oil, or even peanut butter!

How to get crayon off wood
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How to remove crayon from wood of the furniture

For crayons, first, try to gently scrape off the excess wax with a dull knife or spoon. If it’s upholstery, use a spray bottle with some warm water, then use dishwashing liquid and a small brush to gently spread the cleaner. Then wipe with a damp sponge. This method will work for wood floors too.

How to remove crayon stains from wood?

If the crayon is on unfinished wood, you can try putting a thin layer of mayonnaise on the crayon marks. After a few minutes, wipe it off with a damp cloth. Repeat if necessary.

You can also wrap a damp cloth around your finger and add a bit of baking soda or toothpaste and gently rub the marks along the wood fibers. A clean magic eraser will do too. Then wipe with a damp cloth and some liquid dish soap, if necessary.

Honestly, it’s not enough to cover the furniture with plastic – or not have children in the first place – vinegar and alcohol washing is the way to go. If all else fails, you can resort to the time-tested method of covering the stain with a solid item, covering the couch, or strategically placing a pillow.

How do I clean up paint, and crayons and remove stickers?

Everyone who has kids knows that keeping the house clean is no easy task. We’ll tell you how to remove stickers from furniture and how to remove glitter.

How to remove crayon wax, paint traces, and other marks?

Every mother rejoices when her child develops artistically. So, over the years, the baby accumulates more and more toys and accessories that help to create various things, including works of art. And so, the little dreamers begin to paint with paints, mold with plasticine, and draw, not necessarily on a piece of paper.

Very often the “side effect” of these masterpieces is a smudged countertop, glittery glitter on the carpet, or pen marks on the walls. Stains that are difficult to remove make us think about redesigning the apartment. Fortunately, there are less drastic ways to effectively get rid of this tedious problem.

Candle crayons – colorful and greasy

Who among us doesn’t remember the candle crayons we used to draw with when we were kids? Our kids love them, too – so much so that they want to decorate bookcases and table surfaces with them.

If brick or unfinished wood surfaces show crayon stains, a brush and powdered detergent can help. Finally, rinse everything off with water and wipe with a clean dry cloth.

Cleaning a tabletop

If the table is dirty, you can use an eye makeup remover to dissolve the greasy film from the tabletop. And if you want to remove candle crayon stains from the furniture with an express method, grab some wet baby wipes.

How do you clean the wooden furniture?

A little artist’s imagination is limitless. All it takes is a moment of inattention, and crayon grease or marker artwork can appear on the walls. You can try to wipe them off with a rag soaked in warm water and gray soap. If the stains are minor (for example, the wallpaper is scratched with a pencil), it is enough to use an eraser.

Chalk marks will come off with water and dishwashing liquid. You can also try using toothpaste combined with baking soda on unfinished wood surfaces. And what if your child scratches the couch with a ballpoint pen? In that case, use rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, or shaving cream.

How to get crayon off wood
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Paint and marker marks on furniture

Fortunately, dried paint or melted crayon on furniture is not the worst thing that can happen. Just use water and dish soap, or have moistened wipes on hands. If the paint gets on the furniture, you need to get the dissolving liquid out.

On the other hand, marks left by crayons or some melted crayon come off best if you treat them with cleaning milk or alcohol. It’s best to rub the floor with the rough side of a dish sponge and then wipe it off with a paper towel. Don’t leave the floor wet – soggy panels can only be salvaged after a while.

Crayons on furniture – every parent’s nightmare

The inscriptions that children like to stick almost everywhere after a while look just awful. To pick them up with your fingernail and pull rarely gives an effect – usually, only a piece of paper comes off, and the rest remains. There is no point in tearing them off by force.

The best thing to do is to soak them in water and, when the stickers have softened, give them a good scrubbing with a damp cloth. You can also use oil instead of warm water, which comes into contact with the adhesive and separates it.

Getting rid of glitter

Markers or stickers are not the only problems parents have to deal with. Children like things to sparkle and shine, and glitter is one of those items. Artwork done with glitter is pleasing to the eye, but leftover glitter on clothes and furniture is not. Then take a clothes roller and run a few strokes over the glittered surfaces.

Other glittery items, such as sequins or beads, can easily be collected with a piece of masking tape. In this case, baking soda or olive oil on a dry cloth will help you.

Getting rid of slime residue

One of the children’s favorite toys is also a sticky, plastic mass called slime. The best part is that it can be stretched, divided into small pieces, and even blown into balls from it. Unfortunately, the toy tends to stick to different surfaces.

To get rid of traces, for example, from the carpet, you must first collect the excess with damp wipes, and then use vinegar to dissolve the residue. Finally, everything is thoroughly vacuumed up.


Does crayon wash off wood?

Yes. There are different ways to get rid of crayon markings. Of course, the first is to use a pencil eraser. But it will not always cope with the task. Many adults think that all erasers are the same and are designed for the same purpose. It is important to choose an artistic eraser, not the one that is in every student’s pencil case.

An eraser for drawing has a soft structure. Thanks to it, pencil traces are removed effectively and gently. The soft eraser erases the pencil without damaging the wallpaper. This is the best way to remove crayon. In this case, baking soda or olive oil is one of the best options for solving the problem.

Lines can be removed with standard pencil erasing movements. If necessary, you go over the drawing twice so that nothing is left. The quality of the art rubber bands is good and the cost is low.

What remove crayon?

An old tried-and-true method for removing chalk marks on furniture. Everyone has an egg in their kitchen. The removal technique is as follows:

  • The egg is boiled until the yolk is completely hardened.
  • It must be warm before use.
  • The egg is peeled off the shell, and it is cut in half.
  • The inner side is applied to the dirty place.
  • After a few minutes, the egg is removed. Soft and warm, it absorbs traces from the pencil. As a result, the wallpaper becomes clean.

How do you remove dried crayon?

Chalk can be removed with a soapy solution. But you have to act quickly because wood furniture surface, especially soft wood, absorbs grease very quickly.

Dried chalk should be removed from the unpolished wood surface with a hot knife (with a blunt edge so as not to damage the surface). You can use baking soda to remove these crayons.


As we can see, there are many ways to get rid of crayons on furniture that were left by children or other people. We hope that this article will help you in solving the problem of cleaning wood furniture from crayons.

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